Make the Shift from Linear to Circular Economy with Purasolve Parts Washers

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Toxic chemicals, which cannot be reused and returned to the environment, form part of the problem with a linear economy. Purasolve Parts Washers, in tandem with Purasolve Parts Cleaning solvents, aim to eliminate and reduce the use of toxic chemicals as part of a circular economy.

For many decades, the world has relied on a linear economy: we take raw materials from various sources, create products (for food, clothing, housing, recreation, etc.) from these materials, use the products, and dispose of them. This take-make-consume-dispose model is detrimental to the environment, leading to immense energy and water consumption, emissions of toxic substances, and depletion of finite natural resources. Relying on large quantities of energy and materials, whilst cheap and easily accessible, is unsustainable given the growing populace of the planet.

If we are to ensure that there are enough raw materials for necessities, such as food and shelter, in the future, shifting towards a circular economy is not only recommended but imperative.

What is a Circular Economy?

A circular economy differs from the take-make-consume-dispose model in that it is intended and designed to be restorative and regenerative. It not only aims to extend the life cycle of a product, it also aims to reduce waste.

It is based on three principles:1
• Design out waste pollution
• Keep products and materials in use
• Regenerate natural systems

How do Purasolve Parts Washers Contribute to a Circular Economy?

Purasolve Parts Washers enable businesses to recycle solvents for months and even years, reducing untold damage to the environment. When combined with Purasolve Parts Cleaning solvents, Purasolve Parts Washers drastically reduce solvent use and generated waste. Purasolve Parts Washers are equipped with an integral micro-filtration unit that can filter the solvent, extending its life cycle. With the help of these filters, Purasolve Parts Cleaning solvents can be filtered and reused for up to 2 years.

Purasolve Safety Solvents are environmentally-compliant replacements for toxic, hazardous and dangerous chemicals. These products have very low VOC emissions and contain no ozone depleting substances, further reducing environmental impact.

How Can Your Business Benefit from a Shift to a Circular Economy?

Whether you are operating a small business or large enterprise, you have a role to play in creating a more sustainable future. Investing in a Purasolve Parts Washer is an innovative way to achieve sustainability goals, reduce your carbon footprint and benefit your bottom line as the parts washing solvent is recycled and reused. You will quickly see the value of extending the life of the solvent products and producing zero waste.

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