Limescale removal on a Navy Vessel

limescale, pipework cleaning

How we helped remove limescale encrustation blocking the sewage system on a Navy Vessel, without damaging the pipework and valves. 

A hard encrustation build up was deposited in pipework systems on a Navy Vessel, blocking the sewage system.  Envirofluid’s Triple7 Enviroscale was used to clean the pipework and remove the build up without harming pipework materials, valves and fittings.

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The Situation:

Cleaning hard limescale encrustation deposited in pipework systems, that was blocking the sewage system on a Navy vessel.

The Challenge:

The challenge was to remove limescale and calcium encrustation without damaging the sewage system.

Previous manual efforts to remove the limescale were unsuccessful including hitting the hard encrustation with a hammer.

The other options were to replace the complete pipework system or chemically clean, however all descaling chemistries used previously had damaged pipework and related equipment.

The Solution:

The system was closed and Triple7 Enviroscale  solution was poured into the pipework system for an extended period.

The deposit was removed with no evidence of corrosion or surface pitting.

The Outcome:

Improving Lives – no dangerous goods used and waste solution flushed to sewer.

Improving Business – reduced downtime and considerable cost savings with limited work scope.



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