Limescale Proves Defenseless Against Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus

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A water authority in New Zealand used Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus on a pump that has become clogged with a thick layer of scale build-up, with remarkable results.

The Situation

Think Water NZ regularly encounters limescale issues due to the nature of the service they provide. The company would normally use a chisel and hammer to remove scale build-up of this size.

The Challenge

Think Water NZ needed to find a product that will help them remove limescale build-up easily, whilst reducing the risk to their personnel and the environment.

The Solution

4 litres of Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus were used to soak the pumps in. Agitation was required due to the thick layer of lime. It took about 3 to 4 days for the soaking and agitation process to get the pump as clean as it could be. 

The Outcome

Think Water NZ was satisfied that the solution managed to soften about 10mm of lime that could then be gently scraped back with a screwdriver.

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Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus is a unique, powerful and highly concentrated limescale and calcium remover that has been formulated with work safety in mind. Because it contains no toxic or dangerous ingredients, it has no PPE requirements for use, and can be disposed of without risk to the environment.

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