Laundry Product Comparative Trials at John Keells Hotel Chain

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The Triple7 Laundry product range was subjected to a competitive test by one of the leading hotel chains.

The images below show the results were impressive, especially since the Triple7 product only required a 40°C wash cycle for 40 minutes.

The trial consisted of three other competitors’ products which all took a minimum 1 hour 50 minutes to 2 hours to wash the same garments and used around 5 separate laundry wash products in total.

In every instance, the Triple7 Safewash Liquid took only 40 minutes at 40°C wash cycle. All other participants used a minimum temperature of 70°C and had a cycle last at least 1 hour 50 minutes. One company had to wash the same garments twice over to achieve satisfactory results.

The quality of the garments using Triple7 Safewash Liquid was within the best two of four competitors, however, the other company used copious amounts of softener and conditioner. No water testing or conditioning was required for using Triple7 Safewash Liquid.

As the Triple7 Safewash Liquid is a genuine organic and non-toxic laundry wash product that is phosphate, caustic and bleach free.  It is hypo-allergenic in nature and less likely to cause unpleasant allergic reactions.

Prior to Washing:

Heavy soiled maintenance cloths before cleaning

After Washing:

Maintenance cloths cleaned in 40°C wash using Triple7 Safe Wash Liquid

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