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With the help of Envirofluid, networks of Heavy Vehicle Service Centres have identified and actioned on huge cost savings which give them improved cleaning results and better efficiencies while mitigating major health risks.

Improving Lives

By substituting Purasolve Parts Washers for the typical petroleum based parts washers, many Service Centres have improved the health and comfort of their workforce.

When trialing the Purasolve Parts Cleaner SK, one of the mechanics stated that he thought he could use it all day as there was only a hint of Citrus smell which was not overpowering. In comparison when using the kerosene bath, he would begin feeling nauseous after completing approx 3 washes.

Improving Business

The Heavy Vehicle Service Centres are benefitting from the combined cost savings in the ability to;

  • Extend the life of the cleaning solution significantly, through the 0.1 micron filtering ability and extended recyclability
  • Time & Product savings with a one-step cleaning process
  • Cost savings associated with the reduced service frequency
  • Improve worker well-being and productivity

Improving Innovation

The Purasolve Parts Cleaner SK liquid leaves a very clean surface and does not require the use of a second solvent to help drying as was the case with the kerosene parts washer.The Purasolve Parts Cleaner SK has improved sustainability at the Service Centres whilst providing a cost saving to the company with improved cleaning results, reduced costs, and improved worker health, safety and comfort. Significantly reduced solvent changeouts reduce both maintenance costs and in many cases the regular attendance of external contractors.


& how we got there …


The Situation

A multi-national network of Heavy Vehicle Service Centers was using Kerosene in their Parts Washers.  Not only was this making the workers feel ill, it wasn’t cleaning properly either.  After a few cleans the Kerosene would turn into an oily thick fluid and leave deposits on the parts it was meant to be cleaning.

They had to finish cleaning the parts by wiping them with a flammable, DG-Listed, naphtha petroleum based solvent to ensure the parts were clean of oil and grease – a time consuming process.

In addition, the centers were getting the Parts Washing units serviced every three weeks to try and improve cleaning performance – a very costly exercise.


The Challenge

comparisonHow do you effectively clean greasy and dirty vehicle parts while reducing cost to the company, improving cleaning results and removing risk to workers?

There was also some concern about how long the Purasolve Parts Cleaner SK would take to dry compared to the Kerosene / Solvent process they were currently using.


The Hazards

Kerosene is Flammable & Combustible. Toxic Fumes. Ignitable vapours.


In Fire – Poisonous Gasses are produced and Containers may explode.

Vapour is heavier than air and may travel a distance before causing a fire or explosion.

Potential symptoms:

Acute and chronic exposure to kerosene may result in CNS effects including irritability, headache, restlessness, ataxia, drowsiness, dizziness, convulsions, nausea, disorientation, coma and death.

Health Effects:

Irritating to eyes and skin. Prolonged or repeated exposure can cause burns, itching, dermatitis, rash and/or blisters.

Aspiration may cause respiratory irritation.

Inhalation can irritate the nose, throat and lungs.

Repeated exposure may cause bronchitis to develop with coughing, phlegm and/or shortness of breath.

May damage kidneys.


The Solution: Purasolve Parts Cleaner SK

Purasolve Parts Cleaning Units were substituted for the Kerosene Based Units. This removed the need for the second step cleaning process providing huge time savings.

Purasolve Parts Cleaner SK is a powerful, fully recyclable, parts cleaning safety solvent developed for heavy grease and grime removal applications in heavy industry. It has a high flash point and low vapour pressure, reducing fumes and the risk of fire.

The existing rental parts washers were replaced with Purasolve Parts Washing Units. The unique Purasolve two-stage filtration system (filters to 0.1 micron) included on the Purasolve Parts Washing units removed the grease and oil during the cleaning cycle and did not redeposit the grease and oil onto the parts.

The cleaning results were improved, as was worker health due to the user-friendliness of the Purasolve Safety Solvent.

The product life was significantly extended with the filter kit, reducing the cost of cleaning product to the company.

The 3 weekly service cycle could be cut back to every 3 to 6 months, providing further savings.

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