Improved Cleaning and Sanitising of Potable Water Tanks within MEOMS

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cleaning and sanitising potable water tanks

Envirofluid provided Worksafe and environmentally friendly products to help Defence Aviation Ground Equipment Services safely and effectively clean and disinfect potable water tankers so they could be returned to service in an efficient and timely manner.

The Situation

Potable water trucks for aviation required cleaning and disinfection before being returned to service. Previously, the company used a chlorine-based product.

The Challenge

The challenge for these tasks was in finding cleaning products that are highly effective whilst ensuring the safety of workers and maintaining the quality of potable water after the cleaning has been accomplished. Additionally, ensuring that there are no residual products and harmful effects on people and the environment was of utmost importance.

The Hazards

MEOMS previously used a chlorine-based product for disinfection of their potable water trucks which services Defence Aviation. Whilst effective, the company was unhappy with the amount of PPE their workers had to wear when using the product.

Using chlorine for disinfection is problematic in that it can take days to be eliminated from water bodies. Moreover, the residual chlorine molecules react with organic materials such as algae, river weeds and decaying leaves to form Trihalomethanes, which are environmental pollutants and potentially toxic.

The Solution

Envirofluid recommended the use of Triple7 Heavy Duty (NSN 7930 66 152 0078) for the initial cleaning and Triple7 Iodosan (NSN 7930 66 153 2102) for disinfection.

Triple7 Heavy Duty, a powerful water-based quick break degreaser and cleaner, works by lifting hydrocarbon soils from the cleaning surface without forming a permanent emulsion. Meanwhile, Triple7 Iodosan is a non-toxic, broad-spectrum iodine-based sanitiser which has a 99.9% kill rate in 2 minutes at a 1:500 dilution when tested against most organisms. It quickly biodegrades, reducing down time.

Copies of work packs for cleaning the tanks are available on request.

The Outcome:

The Defence Aviation potable water tanks were successfully and efficiently cleaned and sanitised without the use of harmful, toxic chemicals. 

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