How can safer chemicals create healthier profits?


Total cost toxic chemical removalRemoving dangerous and toxic chemicals in the workplace reduces health and safety risks to people, and pollution of the environment. Safer chemical substitutes help create healthier workplaces and a healthier planet. But did you know that safer chemical substitution can also have a positive impact on business bottom line?

A common misconception is that safer, less hazardous, and environmentally friendly choices are more expensive. In fact, in many cases, the opposite is true. Here are some ways in which safer chemicals in the workplace can create healthier business profits.

Cut expenses

Hazardous and toxic chemicals create a long list of legislative duties and requirements aimed at reducing the dangers to people and the environment. These include meeting stringent guidelines for labelling, product handling, PPE, training, first aid, transport and storage of hazardous chemicals, dangerous waste disposal, control of risk, ventilation and other engineering controls, supervision for workers, medical monitoring, and avoiding secondary chemical reactions.

Every one of these measures creates direct costs for business, and time spent trying to managing and mitigating danger – rather than getting on with the job. Replacing dangerous chemicals with safer substitutes can immediately reduce or entirely remove all these time consuming and expensive practices from the workplace.

Reduce worker sick days

Sick workers lead to reduced productivity and reduced morale. Employers not only have a moral duty to protect staff, they have a legal duty too.

WorkCover outlines a series of controls which must be followed by business to protect workers. The hierarchy must be followed in order, and states that hazardous substances must be totally eliminated if practical, or substituted with a less hazardous substance if one is available. These steps must be considered before other forms of risk management, such as PPE, are considered. You can read about the hierarchy of controls here:

Buy fewer products

Next generation safer chemical technologies offer new solutions to old problems. Highly effective formulations with versatile applications means one product could replace a range hazardous chemicals in the workplace. This means less inventory and reduced requirements for storage.

Most of these safer substitutes don’t require new equipment investment, set-up costs or changes to processes.

Save money on highly concentrated formulas

Highly concentrated safer chemical substitutes outperform and outlast many hazardous alternatives. Business can save money by using less product and less manpower to achieve the same or better results. Some products are recyclable and can be re-used many times without a decline in their effectiveness.

Don’t risk expensive fines and penalties

WorkCover claims, employee litigation, and penalties and fines for environmental non-compliance can all be devastating to a business. A single breach may attract penalties of $30,000 and civil action claims can be in the millions of dollars.  The risk of continuing to use dangerous substances when viable alternatives exist may have significant consequences.

The Total Cost Concept

Envirofluid’s Total Cost Concept is how we measure the overall cost benefit of safer chemical substitution to business. We help our customers consider all the common factors above, and other details specific to their business, to help determine the overall savings and benefits.

Can we help your business save money?

Are there opportunities in your workplace to replace dangerous and harmful chemicals with safer substitutes? Speak to our friendly sales team and we’ll give you options and solutions that could not only save you money, but make your workplace safer and healthier.

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