Having issues getting Lava Soap Bars?


For years, Americans have used the Lava Soap Bar to keep dirty hands clean. Removing grease and grime, the pumice in the Lava Soap Bars helps to keep the hands clean. (This is where the name Lava comes from – the pumice used is a by-product of volcanic activity).


However, many may have noticed that the Lava Soap Bar is becoming harder to find on store shelves. Many are reporting that they can no longer source the Lava Soap bar in their region, and are searching for an alternative grit bar. Some have also suggested that it appears some stores have discontinued it:

  • “It’s becoming harder and harder to find at retail stores”
  • “Hard to find this in the stores these days”
  • “For some reason Lava soap has been very difficult to come by in the local stores where I used to purchase it.”

If you are having issues finding the Lava Soap bar, we have some good news! There is now a replacement available to the Lava Soap Bar, called GritMitts. GritMitts is a heavy duty soap bar that does the job ordinary hand soap can’t! Whether your hands are stained with grease and grime, dirt, paint or stubborn odours, GritMitts is a pumice filled soap bar designed to effectively remove all soiling.

Like Lava Soap, the alternative GritMitts contains pumice. It also has the added benefit of containing natural orange oils for extreme grease removal.

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One response to “Having issues getting Lava Soap Bars?”

  1. Jeffrey Tappan says:

    I grew up with Lava. I don’t understand why it would be discontinued. The nearby Walmart doesn’t seem to carry it and it’s silly to have to order something that was so common.

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