Efficient Sewer Pipe Descaling with Triple7 Enviroscale

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The Situation

Routine maintenance aboard naval ships and submarines include flushing of sewer pipes to remove limescale and calcium deposits that reduce system performance and create costly replacement and downtime. The descaler previously used by the ship’s crew caused extensive degradation of parent metals on delicate equipment that led to chemical leaks and unacceptable OH&S risks, which required expensive upkeep and replacement costs. Not to mention, the products are also hazardous, creating handling issues during decanting and application, within open and confined environments.

Following flushing, the hazardous waste must be removed from site, incurring high discharge and disposal costs. There is also a risk of environmental contamination through accidental spillage or toxic off gassing.

The Challenge

How can the crew ensure the safety of personnel, the environment, and their equipment, while successfully removing limescale and calcium build-up from their sewer pipes?

The Solution

Triple7 Enviroscale is a low corrosion, eco-friendly limescale and calcium remover. It is a powerful botanical formulation that effectively removes scale from virtually any surface, without corroding the material. It does not contain harsh acids that can damage equipment, and cause work safety or disposal issues.

The Outcome

The crew used Triple7 Enviroscale to flush the system. The flush cleaned the system well, with the exception of material left on the bottom of the pipe, which is loose and soft. Prior to the clean, it appears that the sludge could have been thick, as high as halfway up the walls and surrounding the pipe walls. The next section of the pipe needed to be removed further down the system due to restriction excess, with other work happening around that area.

Whilst the initial dosage of Triple7 Enviroscale appears to be adequate and the flow returning to the tank is very good, the crew believes that increasing the flushing duration and renewing the chemical during the flush, would greatly reduce system break downs, H2S risk during maintenance, and maintain good system flow.

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