Efficient Rust Removal Aboard HMAS Canberra

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HMAS Canberra, an LHD of the Royal Australian Navy, was officially designated the flagship of the Royal Australian Navy in March 2015. The HMAS Canberra is instrumental in defending Australia and its national interests. It has also helped to provide large-scale humanitarian assistance amid crises.

The Situation

In the course of their service, metal components aboard navy vessels develop surface rust due to the harsh environments in which they operate. Traditional chemical products used for industrial rust removal, react and eat away at most surfaces, damaging equipment and components. In addition, they are very dangerous to work with, exposing workers to health and safety risks.

Rust can be removed through mechanical means by scrubbing or sandblasting but it is labour-intensive. The process can also wear away at the surface being cleaned and can create an uneven finish that can alter not just its appearance, but the function of the component.

The Challenge

How can the crew remove rust build-up and markings without the use of traditional methods or tedious processes? What product is effective at rust removal but won’t damage the surfaces of parts and equipment being cleaned?

The Solution

A cleaning was conducted on HMAS Canberra using ActiveEco ActiRevenge. The product was used on painted and metal surfaces of the ship.

ActiveEco ActiRevenge is a heavy-duty cleaner specifically formulated to clean and protect stainless steel and other metal surfaces that are exposed to the elements. It effectively and safely removes rust, tea staining, welding burns, oxidising, mineral salt deposits, diesel fumes, grease and corrosion.

ActiveEco ActiRevenge leaves a non-oily surface that does not attract soiling. Additionally, it brightens the finish of the surface and enables easy future cleaning without the need for repainting and/or other surface treatments.

The Outcome

ActiveEco ActiRevenge was used at 10% dilution. The product was left for 10 minutes and agitated on stubborn deposits. Afterwards, the cleaned areas were thoroughly rinsed with water.

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