Effectively Removing Graffiti from Partition Panels

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Graffiti Removal from Partition Panels

The Trial

A laminate Partition Panel was submitted to Envirofluid for trial of Envirofluid Graffiti Removers to assess effectiveness of
chemicals to remove graffiti from the laminate surface, and determine if the chemicals would harm the surface in
any way. The images below show the results from both a 24 hour Partition Panel Damage Trial and assessment of Graffiti
Removal from the panel.

A non Envirofluid product was also trialled to assess its performance but was unable to be used in the graffiti removal test
due to causing damage to the Partition Panel in the 24 hour test. No Envirofluid product caused surface damage to the Partition Panel with the Purasolve Graffiti Remover being the most effective in removing all types of Graffiti followed by the purasolve Spray Gel.

Purasolve Graffiti Remover is a multi-refined safety solvent developed for removal of graffiti on hard surfaces. Its
slow evaporation enables superior dwell times when compared to more hazardous solvents. The low evaporation
improves graffiti removal and reduces product usage, making it a very cost effective Graffiti Removal solvent.

24 Hour Partition Panel Damage Trial

Solvents were applied to the Partition Panel and left 24 hours to assess potential damage to panel.

No damage to Panel with Purasolve Spray Gel, Easysolve, Purasolve Graffiti Remover. Slight dulling with conventional graffiti remover.

Partition Panel Graffiti Removal Trial

Various types of graffiti were applied to the Partition Panel and left for 24 hours to set or cure. Types of graffiti applied
included pen, texta, and 2 types of spray paint in various colours. To trial the solvents, each solvent was applied to each
type of graffiti, left to dwell for 5 minutes before being wiped to assess the impact of the solvent. The solvent was then
completely removed from the panel to trial the next solvent.

The photos below show the results of the Purasolve Graffiti Remover and the Purasolve Spray Gel which were determined to
be the most effective for the Partition Panel. The Purasolve Graffiti Remover was slightly better overall being more effective on texta than the Purasolve Spray Gel.


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