Effective Radioactive Contamination Removal with Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus

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It’s not unusual for uranium mining companies to be faced with challenges concerning radioactive contamination.

Decontaminating equipment and materials is a regular undertaking for these companies, and is critical for reducing worker exposures, limiting potential releases, enabling the reuse of components, and facilitating waste management.

Finding and choosing the most effective product and method for radioactive contamination removal is of the utmost importance.

Common Methods Used for the Removal of Contamination

Decontaminating surfaces, facilities or equipment is usually done by:
• Washing
• Heating
• Chemical or electrochemical action
• Mechanical cleaning

Some techniques for removing contamination are less desirable due to their corrosive nature, resulting in a surface that is more difficult to decontaminate in the future. Abrasive methods usually remove the surface layer which also increases the difficulty of future decontamination efforts.

Many traditional contamination removal methods are labour and time intensive, and cleaned components must pass stringent transport codes in order to be transported from mining sites to be recycled or disposed of as general waste.

Effective Decontamination with Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus

Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus is a high-performance, low corrosion limescale and calcium remover for challenging Mining, Oil and Gas industry applications. Its highly concentrated formulation of naturally derived acids and bio-based surfactants provides maximum limescale removal performance without corrosion damage to valuable equipment.

Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus has a proven track record for safely and effectively removing radioactive contamination for several mining companies. The product works well on various materials including steel, HDPE, plastics, rubber, etc., with almost zero corrosion and damage. In addition, Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus facilitates decontamination without huge expenditures.

Equipment and materials are soaked in a tank with a solution of Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus in ambient temperature, with pump circulation/bag filtration assisting in cleaning rates and product life. The duration of soak time will depend on the level of radiation present in the material.

Alternate applications for the product can include nuclear submarines and nuclear power plants.

Using Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus significantly reduces radioactive contamination from mining equipment and materials, providing untold benefits for the mining company, its workers, and the environment.

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