Effective Graffiti Removal from Power Box

graffiti removal

A Facility Services client, which is one of the largest essential infrastructure service providers in Australia and New Zealand, faces challenges with removing graffiti regularly.

The Situation

Graffiti is a common problem in public spaces and nothing is spared from vandals, including building facades, telephone poles, trains, buses, and more. The facility services company, which regularly removes graffiti, have tried various products over the years. Whilst these products are effective at removing the vandalism, they also, unfortunately, also removed the paint underneath and sometimes damaged the surfaces being cleaned.

The Challenge

The facility services company needed to remove graffiti from power boxes with an effective product that will protect the paint and surfaces being cleaned.

The Solution

An Envirofluid distributor provided the facility services company with a sample of Purasolve Graffiti Remover, a high-tech cleaning compound designed to replace dangerous solvents for graffiti removal.

The product is extremely quick and easy to use; simply wipe on the product with a heavy cloth to remove heavy markings. Its low evaporation formula extends contact time with the surface, thoroughly cleaning and removing paint residues. At the same time, it will protect the paintwork underneath the graffiti and the surface being cleaned.

The Outcome

The facility services cleaning team reported excellent results with using Purasolve Graffiti Remover, completely cleaning up one panel, and removing considerably heavy markings on the other. The company was pleased to find that Purasolve Graffiti Remover was highly effective without damaging the paintwork and the surface of the power box. Because of the satisfactory results, Ventia decided to stock up on the product.

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