Easy Removal of Chemical Spray Build-Up

Triple7 Colloidal Concentrate proved more than equal to the task of removing chemical spray build-up at this agricultural site.

The Situation

A customer regularly had issues with removing agricultural chemical spray build-up from a vineyard spray cart at their site. The costly spray cart needs to be frequently cleaned and maintained to ensure its durability. The deposits were difficult to remove with previously used cleaning products.

The Challenge

The company faced the challenge of finding an effective cleaner and degreaser that will easily remove the chemical build-up from the vineyard spray cart, which would also be safe on the metal surface being cleaned.

The Solution:

Envirofluid provided the customer with Triple7 Colloidal Concentrate. Using the normal vehicle wash dilution of the product, the grime was dissolved within approximately 30 seconds, which was easily wiped off with a dry rag.

The demonstration resulted in the customer immediately purchasing two 20 litre drums of Triple7 Colloidal
Concentrate, which they now use for cleaning the spray carts where chemicals are very aggressive to metal. Triple7 Colloidal Concentrate does the job in a non-fading, non-corroding, and anti-oxidizing manner.

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