Deck Coverings on HMAS Arunta get the Triple7 and ActiveEco Treatment


HMAS Arunta was fitted with new deck covering coatings and required cleaning and maintenance chemicals that will guarantee optimal results without damaging the surface.

The Situation

HMAS Arunta is an Anzac-class frigate of the Royal Australian Navy. It performs a variety of duties which includes border protection patrols in Australian waters.

The ship previously used limestone tile deck covering. They encountered various issues such as weight issues on board, as well as its susceptibility to water ingress, mechanical damage, cracking, detachment from deck substrate, and peeling layers of tiles. These problems led to water ingress to the main deck substrate; if not immediately rectified, corrosion and possible crop and renewal can occur to the deck substrate.

For this reason, the Warship Asset Management Agreement (WAMA) Alliance Management Office (AMO) has decided to introduce an alternative deck covering coatings that are Maritime Environment DNVGL Class Approved. The 2-component polyurethane flooring system is very low weight, joint-less, viscoelastic, high abrasion resistant, sea-water resistant, and withstands thinned material and acids, gasoline, mineral oil, and grease.


After having refitted the HMAS Arunta with new deck coverings, cleaning and maintenance chemicals were required that will guarantee optimal results without damaging the new deck surface.


The Challenge

How can the new deck coverings be effectively maintained with minimal labour costs and reduced asset damage?

The Solution

Using Triple7 Heavy Duty, Triple7 Hospitality, and ActiveEco Floor Shine, the crew of HMAS Arunta will be able to achieve optimal cleaning and maintenance results.

Triple7 Heavy Duty is a powerful water-based, quick break degreaser and cleaner that is free from toxic or hazardous chemicals, making it safe to use. It is an eco-friendly product and is readily biodegradable. The high-tech formulation is effective against tough soiling whilst protecting the surfaces being cleaned.

Triple7 Hospitality is a safe and effective cleaner for food processing and food preparation areas. It easily removes grease, grime, dirt, oil, organic matter, mould and mildew. Made from organic materials, it is non-corrosive and easy to use.

ActiveEco Floor Shine is a non-hazardous new generation floor polish that provides optimal durability and resistance to traffic, black heel marks, and scuffing. It is easy to use and dries to a brilliant gloss whilst maintaining exceptional non-slip properties.

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