Carbon Build-Up Proves No Match for Triple7 Aircraft & Metal

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A U.S.-based company that specialises in the design and manufacture of aircraft heat management systems trialed Triple7 Aircraft & Metal for cleaning parts to excellent results.

A U.S.-based company designs and manufactures aircraft heat management systems and is the OEM of many types of heat exchanges including the V2500 ACOC, FCOC TRENT 500/700/800 FOHE, and BR710/715 heat exchangers. They have a repair station division that regularly repairs and overhauls heat management systems.

The Situation

The company, which also maintains and cleans heat exchangers, has been looking for a lower pH cleaner for heat exchange systems parts made of aluminium. They previously used Ultrasonic cleaner with just water and results have been unsatisfactory.

Fuel flows inside of the narrow aluminium tube. The black colour is due to carbon of engine oil.

The Challenge

Can the company effectively clean their heat exchange systems with a low pH cleaning product and reduced asset damage, as well as meet work safety and environmental compliance requirements?

The Solution

Envirofluid supplied the client with a sample of Triple7 Aircraft & Metal, a powerful, bio-based cleaner and degreaser designed for cleaning aircraft exteriors, components, and soft metals. This high-tech organic product effectively removes a wide range of staining and soiling without damaging surfaces and protects against tarnish and oxidation.

The aluminium heat exchanger part was cleaned in the Ultrasonic bath using Triple7 Aircraft & Metal.

The Outcome

After the part was cleaned in the Ultrasonic bath with Triple7 Aircraft & Metal and rinsed, a remarkable improvement in its appearance was observed. The client was extremely impressed with the results of the trial.

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