Can you get Powerful Cleaning Results Without Using Harmful Chemicals?

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✓ Yes!  High Tech Surfactant Cleaners Give You Extreme Cleaning Power with no Toxic Effects

While most cleaning products get the job done, some of their unwanted side effects make them dangerous for people to use or harmful to the environment.  You only have to read the warnings on the labels or Safety Data Sheet (SDS) of many cleaning products to see that they contain toxic chemical compounds that can cause immediate or long-term problems.

New Generation Surfactant Cleaners work differently from traditional cleaning solutions and give you all the benefits of powerful cleaning action with no harmful effects to humans, animals, plants or our waterways.

Surfactant Cleaners use a unique technology that works in a very targeted way to break down and release soils at a molecular level.  They don’t interact with the surface or fabric being cleaned, so they won’t corrode, wear away or damage it in any way.

Surfactant Cleaners are non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-fuming and non-explosive which means they are completely safe for people to use and be exposed to.  They won’t cause skin, eye and breathing irritations like harsh chemical agents.  There are also no long-term risks such as cancers or other serious illnesses that can be the terrible legacy of exposure to toxic cleaning products in the workplace.

Unlike dangerous solvents, detergents or de-greasers, Surfactant Cleaners won’t have a negative impact on the environment and don’t require costly and time-consuming preparation, storage and waste disposal solutions.

These high tech products are available for just about every type of cleaning need and can be cheaper to use than traditional alternatives. Surfactant Cleaners give you a new choice in safer and more responsible products that don’t compromise on cleaning power.


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