City Council Experiences the Benefits of Using Triple7 Products for Pavement Cleaning

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A city council faced the challenge of regularly cleaning paved areas to remove stubborn stains. Envirofluid stepped in to demonstrate how Triple7 products are the ideal products for the job.

The two teams employed by the city council have a massive task of cleaning huge paved areas every night to remove stubborn bird poo stains, drink stains, urine stains, and fat stains. Aside from these, the lingering odour was also a problem that needed to be addressed.

The Situation

The city council has been using traditional chemical cleaning agents to remove the stains and bad odour from pavement.

Whilst somewhat effective at the task, one of the name brand products they were using contains a carcinogenic. The products previously used by the city council posed health and safety risks to their workers, passers-by, and the

The Solution

Based on their requirements, Envirofluid recommended Triple7 Heavy Duty and Triple7 Odour Control. These products are Australian made from bio-based ingredients.

They are classified as Non-Dangerous and Non-Hazardous, reducing PPE requirement and storage and handling costs.

The Outcome

Envirofluid demonstrated how the use of Triple7 Heavy Duty and Triple7 Odour Control makes cleaning and removing stains from paved areas much easier.

Using a 10% chemical to 90% water ratio, the following results were achieved:

Using Triple7 products removes the need to use potentially harmful cleaning chemicals to remove stains and persistent foul odour. In addition, the products leave a clean, non-slip surface.

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