Aviation Landing Gear and Wheel-bearing Maintenance

aviation, landing gear, wheel bearing maintenance

With the high stress encountered through regular aircraft landings, bearing inspection and re-greasing is vital in aviation safety. All airplane manufacturers have strict guidelines on ensuring that there is no stress cracking and premature bearing failure.

The Situation

The high-temperature aviation greasers have proven to be very difficult to clean and often generated large solvent waste streams. The company needed to stock substantial amounts of solvent and required numerous hours of labour to effectively remove bearing grease. The activity also resulted in hefty waste disposal costs for the company.

The Challenge

The company needs a product that will not only enable easy and effective removal of grease from landing gear and wheel-bearing, but will preserve the integrity of the parts. The product should also be safe for workers and the environment.

The Solution

Purasolve Parts Cleaner SK is a parts cleaning solvent that is aviation-accredited and is fully recyclable whilst working well with aviation grease removal on bearing changeout.

The Outcome

Wash cycles in automated Purasolve parts washers have been reduced to 20 minutes with reduced PPE requirements and minimal ventilation, resulting in significant savings in time and labour, as well as ensuring worker safety. After 4 years, the client has reduced solvent changeout to every 18 months with the installation of side stream filtration.

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