Airports Choose Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser for Eco-Friendly Cleaning

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Airports prioritize the maintenance of their ground support equipment (GSE) and pavements to ensure the safety and efficiency of operations. This includes the regular cleaning of GSE and pavement surfaces, which often require the use of degreasers. 

However, with the increasing concern for environmental impact, airports now require degreasers that are compliant with environmental standards to minimize the negative effects of runoff water in tarmac areas. 

In response to this need, they have turned to Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser, a non-corrosive and non-dangerous good, for environmentally friendly GSE cleaning and pavement maintenance.

Ensuring Safe and Environmentally Compliant GSE Maintenance in Airports

Ground support equipment (GSE) is essential in ensuring the smooth operation of airports. These are the vehicles and equipment used in servicing aircraft, such as baggage handlers, fuel trucks, and passenger stairs. 

As with any heavy machinery, GSE requires regular maintenance to ensure their reliability and safety. Airport maintenance personnel use various chemistries to maintain GSE, some of which may need to be aviation-certified. 

However, these chemicals must comply with environmental regulations, especially in areas where runoff water from tarmac areas can cause harm. Airports designated for GSE operations, or GSE airports, are critical in airport operations, ensuring the timely servicing and handling of aircraft.

The Situation

One of the main challenges in airport maintenance is finding a degreaser that meets environmental compliance requirements while also effectively cleaning ground support equipment and pavements. 

Due to runoff water in tarmac areas, it is crucial to use non-toxic and eco-friendly degreasers to minimize the environmental impact. 

Moreover, airport facilities require non-corrosive and non-dangerous suitable degreasers to ensure the safety of workers and the public. With these challenges in mind, searching for a suitable degreaser that meets these criteria can be daunting for airport maintenance personnel.

The Solution

The solution to the challenge of finding an environmentally compliant degreaser that is safe for use in airport facilities is the Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser is used for washing down fire engines and other ground support equipment (GSE) at airports. Its effectiveness in removing grease and oil makes it an ideal cleaning solution for GSE, which requires regular maintenance to ensure reliability and safety.
  • Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser is non-corrosive and non-dangerous, which makes it safe to use in airport facilities. Its composition meets the requirements of environmental regulations, particularly in areas where runoff water from tarmac areas can cause harm.
  • The use of Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser extends beyond GSE cleaning. It is also used for pavement cleaning at airports, including aircraft parking areas. This ensures that these areas are kept clean and safe for aircraft operations.

The Outcome

Widely Adopted

Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser has been widely adopted in airport maintenance due to its outstanding performance. 

Environmentally Compliant

This cleaning solution has demonstrated its reliability and effectiveness in keeping ground support equipment (GSE) and airport pavements clean while adhering to environmental compliance and safety regulations. 

Cost savings and Increased Efficiency

Its non-corrosive and non-hazardous properties have made it a preferred option among airport maintenance staff. Furthermore, Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser has resulted in substantial cost savings and increased efficiency for airport maintenance operations. 

Its ability to effectively clean spills, stubborn grime, and dirt from pavements has reduced the need for repeated applications and extended cleaning time, thus speeding up airport operations. 

By utilizing Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser, airport maintenance staff have been able to minimize labour costs and reduce the use of other cleaning solutions, which may be more expensive and less eco-friendly.


The adoption of Triple7 All Purpose Degreaser in airports for eco-friendly cleaning has been a success story. 

Its non-corrosive and non-dangerous properties, coupled with its effectiveness in cleaning GSE and pavements, have made it a preferred option among airport maintenance personnel.

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