ActiveEco SX Descaler Solves Scale Build-Up Issues in Onboard Sewage System

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The Situation

The sewage system aboard an AU patrol boat regularly faces scale encrustation issues. In order to address the problems, the whole pipework set had to be replaced, causing lengthy downtimes that took the boat out of commission. In addition, this method resulted in hefty replacement costs.

The Challenge

The crew needed an easier and quicker method of removing the scale than replacing the pipework every time it builds up. The method also needed to be cost-effective, safe for the workers and the environment in order to comply with WHS and environmental regulations.

The Solution

A third-party consultant recommended the use of ActiveEco SX Descaler, a quick-acting, high-performance scale remover. It is based on a unique acid-replacement technology, and although low in pH, it does not contain traditional acids. It uses an organic salt which acts like an acid to effectively and rapidly dissolve scale, making it a safer product to use.

ActiveEco SX Descaler was circulated through the pipework for a couple of hours, after which the valves were shut in order to let the product soak overnight.


The Outcome

After circulating and overnight soaking of the product in the system, the scale build-up was significantly dissolved.

Results after circulating ActiveEco SX Descaler and letting it soak overnight. Ratio of 4:1 water/chemical

After a further soak-time, ActiveEco SX Descaler completely removed the remaining material that had been knocked loose in the prior treatment.

Results after further soaking the pipework with ActiveEco SX Descaler, alternating between circulation and soaking every hour. Ratio of 6:1 water/chemical

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