Toxins & Dangerous Chemicals

At Envirofluid, we are single minded and passionate

in the belief that businesses need not risk the health and wellbeing of workers by using toxic chemicals in the workplace if a safe alternative is available. This is especially the case when the alternative does just a good a job (or better) and is just as cost effective (or cheaper) than the hazardous product it replaces.

Knowledge is power and we believe being aware of the risks posed by toxic and hazardous chemicals to human health and the safe alternatives available is the key to protecting your business and your staff.

Toxins & Dangerous Chemicals

Case Studies & More

Acetone Use for Surface Preparation

Acetone is a common industrial solvent used to clean metal surfaces. Unfortunately, when acetone fires and explosions occur in the workplace, the consequences are usually …


Understanding Chemical Hazards: The Basics

Before you can begin controlling chemical hazards in the workplace you need to understand some of the basics. Chemical hazards are divided into two groups: …


n-Hexane Brake Cleaner & Nerve Damage in Vehicle Workshops

Maintenance engineers and mechanics world-wide are at an unusually high risk of nerve damage from n-Hexane based cleaners and degreasers. n-Hexane is a solvent that …


Common Chemicals Found to Cause Breast Cancer

A recent report published in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Health Perspectives has found a wide range of breast cancer causing chemicals in every-day products including …


Hydrogen Sulphide Gas: Why You Should Be Concerned

Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) is a highly poisonous, colourless gas with a rotten egg odour, that affects both oxygen utilisation and the central nervous system.


Is your wellbeing threatened by hidden toxic chemicals?

Chemical exposure occurs too often in spite of all precautions by managers and purchasers to avoid harmful substances and provide alternatives.


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