Chemical Workplace Safety

A guide to workplace standards, safety culture, chemical hazards, risk assessments and other useful resources relating to workplace safety. Understand the role of risk assessment and management, when to use PPE and what you are obliged to do before resorting to such measures.

Case Studies & More

Safety Guidelines for Use of Workplace Chemicals

Download our free material on safety guidelines for working with workplace chemicals.


Chemical Storage Area Posters

Download our free chemical storage area posters for your workplace.


Safe and Effective Wash Down and Cleaning At KiwiRail

Envirofluid trialled Triple7 Heavy Duty and Triple7 Enviroscale Plus at KiwiRail for train washdown and cleaning with remarkable results.


Envirofluid Working with the Australian Department of Defence to Eliminate and Reduce Health and Safety Hazards

Envirofluid continues its commitment to provide effective, Worksafe, and eco-friendly industrial and cleaning solutions to the Australian Department of Defence


Understanding Chemical Hazards: The Basics

Before you can begin controlling chemical hazards in the workplace you need to understand some of the basics. Chemical hazards are divided into two groups: Health Hazards and Physicochemical (physical chemistry) Hazards.


Chemical Hazards: How to Identify Chemical Hazards

The two key ways to identify chemical hazards are to carefully study both the product packaging AND the product SDS. Hazardous chemical products and ingredients are found in many items within the workplace including detergents, solvents, degreasers, odour control products, scale removers and surface cleaners.


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