Solvents & Parts Cleaning

Solvents have many useful applications including metal cleaning, parts cleaning, surface preparation, degreasing, paint thinners and lubricants. Because of their widespread prevalence in many industrial products, solvents are among the most commonly used chemicals in the workplace.

Many solvents are “organic”, petroleum based chemicals which have very powerful substance dissolving properties. Unfortunately these organic solvents can be extremely hazardous to worker health and safety, causing a wide range of short term injuries and long term illnesses, and posing significant challenges to business to manage the safe handling, storage and disposal of waste products.

Case Studies & More

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Preventing Explosions and Fire Hazards in Your Workshop

Several heavy equipment and vehicle servicing workshops have had explosions occur after sumps, where excess chemicals would run off, were exposed to a heat source.


Cost vs. Benefits of Purasolve Parts Washers

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Brake Cleaner – Non-Chlorinated vs Chlorinated | How to choose between deadly & deadlier

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Purasolve Flame Test Video

Extreme performance without the risks. Purasolve products are the ideal substitute for dangerous industrial solvents. Watch the ignition test in this short video above – …


Using common industrial solvents is dangerous and expensive

Chemicals such as Acetone, MEK, Toluene carry the risks of workplace illness and accidents, and environmental pollution fines and penalties. These solvents are still widely …


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