AIMEX 2015


AIMEX Stand - EnvirofluidEnvirofluid joined AIMEX again in bringing the mining industry a select range of cleaning and maintenance chemicals which decrease through-life operation costs.

The vast knowledge in mining and the many years we have spent focused on this industry have resulted in ground breaking innovations which provide overall cost savings while improving mine efficiencies and providing safety advantages.



We focused on the three main cost-saving areas for mines at this show

A powerful biobased descalant which deters corrosion and can be used insitu.

Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus

> Unique Concentrated Scale Remover with huge safety advantages

> No equipment or pipeline disassembly required which reduces downtime

> Safe on metals and seals – reduce the risk of corrosion

Case Study: Dramatically cut mine downtime at Rio Tinto! Read more >

Purasolve Parts Washers and Cleaning Solvents which have superior cleaning results without the associated hazards and can be recycled and reused for a minimum of 18 months providing huge cost savings on servicing, waste disposal and chemical replacement.

Purasolve Parts Washers and Cleaning Solvents for Mining

Purasolve Parts Washers

> Manufactured to high industrial standards for longer life

> Fitted with a unique filtration system to extend cleaning solvent life

Purasolve Parts Cleaners

> Designed to be recycled and reused for a minimum of 18 months

> Reduced servicing requirements and change-out costs

> Improved worker health & cleaning results

Case Study: Savings of over $40,000.00 / annum / maintenance centre at a mining locomotive workshop. Read more >

A powerful degreaser and wash down agent which aids oil water separation and water reuse.

Triple7 Heavy Duty Degreaser for Mining

Triple7 Heavy Duty Plus

> Heavy Duty Industrial Quick-Break Degreaser

> Non-Reactive to Surfaces

> Aids in Oil Water Separation and Wastewater Systems

Case Study: Saved FMG over $300,000.00 per year! Read more >

Read more on Envirofluid’s solutions for Mining >

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