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At Envirofluid we have a vision for a better world – a world where toxic and hazardous chemicals are no longer commonplace. That’s why for the past 15 years we have relentlessly sought out the best science can offer, to find responsible, high performance replacements for some of the world’s most commonly used toxic and dangerous chemicals that place people at risk of instant injury or long term harm.

At Envirofluid we’re deeply passionate about what we do; and why wouldn’t we be? What we do improves people’s lives, improves business, and opens up new realms of innovation – For a Better World.

Improving Lives

We improve lives by drastically reducing Health & Safety risks in the workplace, as well as the long term illnesses caused by many common chemicals. We free workers from worry, and reduce the need for personal protective equipment, making people healthier, happier and more productive.

Envirofluid chemistries also look after the environment and are as gentle on the planet as they are on humans.

Improving Business

Reducing risk is an integral part of business. Envirofluid chemistries reduce Health & Safety risks, and WHS and environmental compliance costs. Safer chemicals mean easier and more efficient handling which increases productivity, boosts morale, reduces waste and enhances public image through positive initiatives.

Improving Innovation

Safer chemicals doesn’t mean lower performance; in fact in most cases Envirofluid substitutes are actually more effective than the toxic chemicals they replace. Because they are safer and more targeted in their action, our chemistries open up completely new applications for forward thinking organisations.

"We are a company with an environmental focus, and are striving to achieve the best quality products, with the least amount of effect on our planet."

Ben Ohlmeyer - Director

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Envirofluid holds ISO Certification

Envirofluid is a quality certified company, holding both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation. Both these certifications require annual audits by an external auditor.




Donation to Starlight

Envirofluid is proud to support the Starlight Children’s Foundation, whose aim is to brighten the lives of seriously ill and hospitalised children.




Supporting the American Cancer Society

Envirofluid is proud to support the American Cancer Society organization which supports people with cancer and is dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health …




Donation to Guide Dogs Australia

Envirofluid is proud to support the Guide Dogs Association in their work to provide mobility to Australians with impaired vision.




Donation to Vision Australia

Envirofluid is proud to announce their donation to Vision Australia. We admire their work and dedication to help people with vision loss to still live …




Donation to Independence Australia

Envirofluid is proud to support Independence Australia in their mission to support all people with physical needs and older people to achieve their best possible …


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